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The Morning Of

Ms. Ramos: “Every day I get up and walk in the same direction towards York Ave. I stop at the same traffic light and wait as it changes from green to yellow…yellow to red. That morning, it was different. The sky had no traces of sunlight. The air was cold. I could see the cloud of my warm breath as I waited for the light. The chill of that morning went straight to my bones.”

Officer Jimenez: “What else do you remember about that morning?”

Ms. Ramos: “I remember it was about 5:25 am and the sky was darker than usual; there were no traces of light, that’s when the black Lincoln pulled up to the corner.  I remember its tinted windows. I didn’t think anything of it then.  I just turned to walk away. That’s when it happened.  I heard the door open.  All I remember then was his leather gloves as they covered my mouth, forcefully. I remember him grabbing my waist and shoving me into that trunk. I searched for my cellphone, I remember. I couldn’t find it. I must have dropped it when he snatched me so suddenly. I yelled. I kicked. My mind was racing, I felt like I couldn’t breathe.  I screamed to no avail; no one was around to hear me and see me disappear in the break of dawn. But he was. And surely, I must have pissed him off, as I recall him screeching the car to a halt, popping the trunk, and hitting me with the butt of his pistol before I succumbed into a deep sleep.

It felt like days had gone by when I woke up gagged, sweating, without food or water, in the dark, my bladder full. I thought it was going to burst like a balloon that had been filled with too much air. My jaw was sore from the force he used to keep me quiet and the right side of my head was sore from the knot he left me when he’d knocked me out. Dry blood streaked my face.  My hair was in clumps. I don’t know what time it was… or how many days had passed. I could hear the tires on the road, and then all of a sudden, we stopped. I wondered if we were at a traffic light. How I longed to see the green to yellow, yellow to red at that moment. I would welcome that familiar site.

Everything went quiet; it felt like an eternity had gone by. I could hear my heart beating in my chest and the pounding in my eardrums. I heard the door close and his footsteps approaching the trunk, the keys rattling. I was blinded by light; I saw his face and stared straight in his eyes. I noticed he had a left glass eye.”

Officer Jimenez: “Do you remember any other features, like any scars on his face?”

Ms. Ramos: “No, I just remember his voice was deep when he made me get out the trunk and we were on an abandoned dirt road. The once familiar streets covered in pavement and traffic lights were only a distant memory. No more green to yellow, or yellow to red. All that was left was an empty road towards the horizon.”

Officer Jimenez: “Do you know where you are?”

Ms. Ramos: “No, I don’t remember how I got here or where we are. I just remember running… and blood, lots of blood…”

Officer Jimenez: “Thank you for your statement Ms. Ramos, we’ll be in touch.”


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