Paz, Esperanza, y Las Siete Suertes

Paz, Esperanza, y Las Siete Suertes

Tia Esperanza is gone. Bold, loud, and present Tia Esperanza is gone and I’m sitting at her wake fidgeting with her siete suertes bracelet on my wrist.

I can feel her gone. She’s not talking about change and equality anymore. She’s quiet today and forever will be.

I remember one time, years ago, Mami and I were walking with her to get quimbolitos, usually a treat for special occasions but any day with Tia Essie was a special occasion. There was a fair that day and we had to walk through all the people and the booths of organic this and that. Tia and Mami were talking and laughing as they walked and Tia, laughing with her eyes closed, bumped into a large red-faced man in a sleeveless tank top.

“Oops! Perdon, perdon,” she giggled, her bracelet jingling as she waved an apology.

“Watch where you’re going, spic!” Continue Reading…