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Caliche Roads

Caliche Roads

Fresh asphalt and gravel pop and spit from the wide, swaying weight of the van.

Pop-rock fizz — teeming joy, like shaken strawberry soda in a thick, glass vessel,

waiting to shower the sky, tickling the way a ladybug tickles your hand as she dances.




Scrambling to hold tightly to the majestic, crisp, powdery paved entrance,

heaviness loses momentum and sits in awe at the grandeur.

And the gate opens.

Gliding clumsily across the winding snow – POPPING spanks that wide underbelly while

welcoming arms stretch and scratch with brittle nails.




and stop.

Relishing in the moment, my arrival is announced

in a long, piercing squawk like trumpeters playing a glorious fanfare, echoing against the clouds.

Bursting caps, laughter arrives.

Warm, wet air blankets my brow and sweet, feathery blades of shorn acres combined

with blooming florae and damp clumps of mud and sweat fill my senses.

Ornery walls of ivy disagree with one another and travel into neighboring patches to gossip,

only to stop at the royal thickets swarming with armed warriors, keeping watchful eye over the roses.




The red wooden swings drift in happiness watching over their majestic kingdom, facing squarely,

focused on the old, gray wizard — his long arms stretched out, hovering over sacred ground.

And all is right

beyond the caliche roads at the ranch.

Olivia M. Gonzalez

Slayer of breakfast tacos. Lover of bacon. Writer of words. Drinker of margaritas. Currently living in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, Olivia M. Gonzalez is a communications consultant by trade and writer/food lover by heart. She’s been a finalist on Bravo’s Best New Restaurant The Mentorship and most recently was a guest reporter on Verify, a television show focused on helping real people get their questions answered, where she sought the answer to the Lone Star State’s age-old question, “What is the breakfast taco capital of Texas?” Find her musings and food adventures on her blog or follow her on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook using @omgsdfwfood.

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