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Karla laid in bed, tilting her hand as she admired the glittering gem on her finger. She was mesmerized by the way it caught the light with every move.

Just the day before, her boyfriend of 5 years had popped the question. Of course she’d said yes. She’d been waiting her entire 25 years for this moment. Let the planning begin, she thought to herself as she got out of bed and walked into the kitchen.

“Buenos dias,” her mother said. “Por fin, se levantó la niña.”

Karla rolled her eyes and poured herself a glass of water from the pitcher on the counter. Her diamond flashed, courtesy of the sunlight shining through the window.

“Que quieres desayunar?” her mother asked.

“Scrambled eggs, please.” Karla took a sip of water and took it with her back to her room. She laid on the bed and started taking pictures of her ring with her phone, choosing the best ones to post on Facebook and Instagram: #engaged!

She closed her eyes and visions of flowers and color schemes danced in her head.  Should her bridesmaids wear pink? Or purple? How many should she have? She had so many good friends, it would be hard to choose. And the guest list! Her dream was to have a big wedding, so she knew her list would be long. It would have to be a large venue to accommodate them all.  But where should they have the reception?

A few minutes later her mother’s voice interrupted her thoughts, “Ya está!”

Karla got up, picked up her plate of eggs from the kitchen, and carried it to the dining table.  She sensed her mother walking behind her, and when she sat down, her mother sat across from her.  Her mother watched as she scrolled through pictures of wedding dresses on her phone.

“Entonces,” her mother began, crossing her arms and leaning on the table. “Cuando se casan?”

Karla looked up from her phone and shrugged. “I don’t know,” she mumbled through a mouth full of eggs.  “We haven’t talked about it yet.”

She continued scrolling and suddenly her eyes lit up. “Look! This one is beautiful, isn’t it?”  She held up the phone for her mother to see. A dress fit for a princess.

Her mother sighed. “Si, bello.”  And then a moment later,“Mija, are you sure he’s the one?”

Karla glared at her mother. “I wouldn’t have said yes if I wasn’t sure, mama.”  They stared at each other, one angry and defiant, the other deflated and tired.  After a minute, Karla went back to her phone, pretending her mother wasn’t there, although she could feel the judgement in her mother’s gaze.  Karla quickly finished her breakfast and went back to her room, closing the door behind her.

She sat on her bed and crossed her arms. As if she didn’t have enough to worry about, now she had to worry about her disapproving mother. Sure, he didn’t have a full-time job, or any savings, but all that would change over time.  And maybe he didn’t enjoy doing all the things she liked to do, but opposites attract, right?

She couldn’t wait for them to get a place of their own to start their life together. Life would be so much easier once she was married and out of the clutches of her parents.

She stared at her ring again, excitement drowning any doubts she felt inside. Everything would be perfect.

Her phone suddenly began to beep with Facebook notifications. People were commenting on her post! She picked up her phone and started replying to her friends. Can’t wait! Finally, right? Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!

Cindy Tovar

Cindy Tovar

Cindy is the founder of Hispanecdotes Online Magazine. She is a special education teacher by day, and a writer by night. She currently lives in the beautiful state of Washington but her roots are on the East Coast in New York / New Jersey. She lives with her husband and her puggle, and her motto for 2017 is Be Fierce!
Cindy Tovar

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  • Marcela de Allemand says:

    I recently wrote about the real reasons I got married and how we tend to find out decades later .Could it be wisdom? It sounds like Karla’s mom already knew that.
    Loved it!

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