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How To Write About My Failed Marriage

How To Write About My Failed Marriage

Being that most of you reading this are writers, aspiring writers, or people who have written something once, here’s a conundrum that I’m sure you’ve had – trying to write a personal essay when you’re in the middle of a shit storm.

My first ever article for this website was about my first date with my wife.

I wrote a cute tale about how on our first date, we experienced each other’s music, and it kind of became a metaphor for our relationship.

In December she moved out.

She stopped wearing her wedding band, wore perfume for the first time in years, got her hair done, and bought herself some brand new knee-high boots.

And a brand new, undisclosed, address.

I was stunned at the realness of it all.

I was hurt. Very hurt.

But life had to go on.

I still had to get up and teach my classes.

I still needed to walk my dog.

I still had siblings, nieces, and nephews.

And I had a deadline to meet for this website.

So I got up, cleaned my apartment, and wrote something personal.

A graduation speech about how some aspects of your life might irredeemably suck, but you have to keep moving.

Do what you like. Do something different. Just do something.

As December wound down, I took my advice.

I licked my wounds, and I moved.

I cooked. I cleaned. I called loved ones to just chat and listen to what they had to say.

I exercised.

I meditated on the nature of success, and dreams, and personal goals.

I fought periodic urges to wallow.

I made fart jokes with my friends.

And I wrote.

Eric Cortes

Eric Cortes

Eric Cortes is a New York City public school teacher by day, writer by night, and serial road-tripper by weekend.
Eric's works are usually light-hearted, but he occasionally gets worked up about something in the news and goes on a political rant.
Eric Cortes

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  • Marcela says:

    Thanks for sharing your difficult experience Eric.Writing is always my best therapy ! Sounds like you are getting through with patience knowing it is one of the most difficult things to get through .

  • Melinda Zepeda says:

    And then one day, you’ll look back and see how far you’ve come. ❤️

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