El Diablo

“A white dude spit in my face once,” Celia places her fingers on the shot glass in front of her. It’s as warm as the others had been. She looks at the white man standing next to her. The lights in the bar are dim, the floor is sticky, and the air smells of alcohol [...]

Don’t Lock Me In

When we see small children, a lot of us have a tendency to swoon over them and idealize their every action and word. Heck, the French Enlightenment philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau even made children’s behavior the basis for his view on the perfect state of humanity. But let’s face it: pretty often children’s ideas can be [...]


For Jocelyn Avelica, and las guerrerritas que me siguen inspirando   I   I’m starting to believe little brown girls should just skip school reports. Trade the gold stars and neatly divided reading score columns                         for four news mic’s and a dark cherry podium where Fatima sobbed,   amidst the selfish shutter of news [...]

A Juarez Tale

It was another early morning scene in the border town of Juarez. Obreras gathered around the bus stops, lining up like a herd of submissive sheep wearing puff jackets and homemade sweaters, waiting for los camiones to take them to work to the maquiladoras. Juana, waited as usual quiet and holding her rosario.  Her face, [...]

Hunger Pains

When I was young, I had a long list of things I feared. I hated shadows, and ran away from them, or closed my eyes to dark shapes, all which seemed to chase me. Grass, not green blades that tickled my ankles, but sharp claws that scratched at me. The dark wooden church benches were [...]

Hispanic Heritage Month Interview Series: Dania Santana

Meet Dania Santana, published author of La Familia Cool: El Tesoro más valioso/The most valuable treasure, speaker, and founder of the bilingual site Embracing Diversity, a website created to raise awareness of multiculturalism in the United States. Dania, in her own words: I’m a Dominican American mom of 3 kids under 8 (a girl and [...]

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