Human Typography

I love your handwriting Your cursive moves The roundness of your As The slickness of your S The shape your full written name makes on the page. I love your firm mark The tracks you leave behind On the following pages of your journal And on my life. I love your pen The one I [...]

Paying Attention

“There is ecstasy in paying attention.” This line in Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott struck me a few days ago as I read it, highlighted it and passed my fingers through it. Over and over again. As I did this, I paid attention to how the line made me feel, the thoughts running through [...]

How To Love

I used to think love was an emotion, a feeling that simply took hold of a person without them knowing why or how. “Falling in love” was like falling into a beautiful abyss, twisting and turning this way and that, laughing and smiling and cuddling and fucking while nervously awaiting the bottom, which always came [...]

Loving A Memory

I am in love with a ghost. I miss the heady infatuation of those first months together, when I (in the innocence of youth) opened myself to him completely, exposed my body and heart and hurts and desires and doubts, and allowed him to kiss my tears – and my thighs – until I felt [...]

Finding the Right Note on A First Date

First dates: Nature’s way of making everyone feel kind of awkward. This is a Latino themed article, so as a Puerto Rican – Italian guy happily married to a Colombian girl, I can probably spend some time writing about how my now wife and I spent our first date gushing over each other’s culinary patrimony. [...]

Je t’aime, Whataburger

love |ləv| (noun): an intense feeling of deep affection.   Confession: I’m in love with a fast-food chain; its name is Whataburger. Confession: I’ve lied more than once to my friends, to my family, just so that I could enjoy some Whataburger in some peace and solitude.  Example…A coworker once found out I was making [...]


You’re lying in your bed, eyes half open. Maybe partially aware of what’s going on right now? I always wonder about the level of your awareness of what’s happening around you. I’m here today with my mom, brother, and fiancé – but I guess this is probably the first time you’ve seen her as my [...]

Love Revolution

Approaching Valentine’s Day 2017 has me asking, how do we love as part of the #RebelAlliance? Yes, we hold our precious ones with trembling tenderness. Yes, we defend our rights in spontaneous protests bubbling with righteous rage. But in the midst of fear spawned by Bannon’s blitzkrieg, where can we turn for inspiration so that, [...]

The Sun Shines in the Winter – A Journey

It was the week before my December break 2015. I braced myself for what was left of my holiday depression and what I knew would ensue. Yet another long battle with SADD, a name that did not have the shoulders to carry the weight of what I felt. I walked the dark tunnels of November, [...]

Amor Verdadero

My parents hit me whenever I misbehaved as a kid. If I hit my brothers, mami hit me harder with her chancla. If I slammed a door, papi whipped me with his belt. Once their anger subsided, they sat me down (even if I was still crying) and told me that I knew they had [...]

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