My Mother’s Huge Heart

My mother had a huge heart. Literally. Her heart had grown 10 times its original size in a span of four years. I remember being in the ER of New York Presbyterian Hospital when the radiologist told me eyebrows scrunched up, “How your mother is alive is beyond me. She’s a train wreck waiting to [...]

Dear Cheyenne,

Dear Cheyenne, Last night was tough. It was the second night in a row that depression refused to be shut down. It showed up in angst and tears that exploded, refusing to be denied. Your face, a mountain of pain. And I had to listen. I asked you to verbalize what you were feeling, prodding [...]

Thirty-Eight Weeks and Four Days

I picked myself up and dusted off my jeans. I could hear him walking behind me with his newly welcomed limp I had bestowed upon him. The beating of my heart going one hundred miles per beat could be heard across the swamp basin. My cries became louder. My fear engulfs me. The trees hovering [...]

La Sirena

“Mamá, what did you want to be when you grew up?” Manolo waited for his mama to finish making his favorite snack—grilled cheese with a slice of jamón. “Your mamá, of course.” Lourdes smiled and placed the plate in front of Manolo. “No. Like. For real. If you could be anything what would you be?” [...]

Fish Sticks, Cancer, and a Gritty New York Mom

Imagine loving someone so much that you would cook for them if your skull was bleeding. In honor of my late mother, here’s a quick story of maternal love. It was late 2003. My mother had been battling brain cancer that would eventually kill her. By battling, I don’t mean a steady weakening, I mean [...]

Mamá knows best: My Underwear and My Dignity

I have a ton of cousins (duh), but my prima Tanya and I were born only a few months apart, so we were obviously closer than most.  As kids we did all the great stuff that primos do together: invent incredibly fun games that only made sense to us, watch Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah like fifty million times, [...]

Mami the Storyteller

Mami was the first storyteller in my life. Her images bright and bold imprinted themselves in my brain, a catalogue of vivid snapshots. Details rich with color and sharp with their precision. Voice, a tight braid of humor and strong sense of place. The irony that Mami never learned to read, well, that made for [...]

Has Mother’s Day Become Passé?

Are you ready to have your heartstrings tugged? Are you ready to spend sixty bucks on flowers to show your mother how much you love her? Yup, another Mother’s Day is on the horizon and it’s time to cough up some money because, you know, you only get one mother. Anna Jarvis worked for years [...]

A Deer Learns to Walk with Los Bukis Playing in the Background

“Tu-del. Toooo-dul. Ay! Repítemelo otra vez.” “Tur-tle. OK try again.” “T-Tu- Al.” “No mami. Tienes que levantar la lengua. Así. Ah Ah- Pega el techo de tu boca.” “¿Así? Da Da.” “Uh, not exactly like that.” (more…) Like what you see? Follow us!

Abuela Knows Best

I remember the delicious aroma coming out of her kitchen. That smell of café con leche and frijoles fritos on the sarten that she cooked daily on her gas range. I remember thinking back then how crazy it was that we were in the late ‘80s and she still had the same 1969 refrigerator. It [...]

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