My California Dreamin’. His California Nightmare.

Traveling has become a big part of my life. It has helped me grow as a photographer and writer, but most importantly, as a person. A few months ago, my husband and I went to California. Again. Last year we went to San Diego, this time we went to San Francisco, and spent a day [...]

Have (Barbecue) passport, will travel

Barbecue is such a big deal in Texas that Texas Monthly, the monthly magazine based in Austin, has a division dedicated to food, and a separate one solely dedicated to barbecue. You can be sure to get a barbecue-related piece in every monthly edition, but every four years they rank the state’s world’s top-fifty BBQ [...]

The Ocean

I hate wearing sunglasses – especially when I’m going someplace new. I like taking in new experiences and places ‘as is’. Something about the world having a dark tint doesn’t seem authentic – like it doesn’t count because I didn’t see it with my own eyes. Why put a dark shade over the beauty of [...]

El Camino Menos Transitado

Mi abuela siempre decía, entre otras cosas, que lo bueno cuesta. Her words came to life when I read Robert Frost’s amazing poem: The Road Less Travelled. Growing up, I struggled to fit in. While my friends were interested in boys or jamming to the latest Madonna tune, I read stories that inspired me and [...]

Las Maletas y Colombia

Mami began to pack for Colombia weeks before our departure. It took Mami an entire year, sometimes two, to squirrel away the money to pay for our tickets. But, all that time in between worked in Mami’s favor. It was more time to gather. So many hand me downs and a stockpile of goods that [...]

A Bobo Forgets His Passport, But Finds Redemption

It’s that time of year again – the time when millions of Americans leave their homes for someplace and inevitably forget something. But this isn’t a story about toothpaste or dental floss (which you couldn’t have forgotten because you and I both know you don’t floss.) This is a story about how a boneheaded move [...]

Milwaukee Likes the Mexicans

The smoky haze from a shared cigar with the husband-wife couple from Milwaukee created a nice backdrop for our conversation. As our level of comfort with each other grew, Sheila—we’ll call her that because I have no idea what her real name was or if I ever even knew her real name—touched my long, black [...]


I see you, little brown girl. Hiding behind your mother’s or your older sister’s or your tata’s skirts, stealing furtive glances my way before darting back under the tent covering your family’s roadside bodega. I see you stooped over colorful beads or wooden figurines, tiny fingers deftly stringing together bracelets, or painting designs for wares [...]

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