We’d love to hear your story!

We are currently accepting essays, poems, and flash fiction. 

If you are interested in submitting, here’s all the info:

All submissions are due on the 15th of the month for the following month, with the exception of Timely Pieces, which are pieces based on current events and can be submitted at any time. 

**All submissions are subject to minor editing, and submission of an article does not guarantee publication. You will be contacted within 72 hours of your submission. You may submit more than one piece of work, but only one piece per author will be published per month. All copyrights remain with the author. We allow reprinting of your work with the provision that any reprint acknowledges that it was previously published in Hispanecdotes.**

Maximum word count is 600 words. Submissions must be sent as a Word document. Please specify the genre of your piece (personal essay, flash fiction, etc.).

Please send your submissions to hispanecdotes@gmail.com.

Each issue will have a monthly theme. Writers are encouraged to be creative around the themes.  Have fun with them!


Upcoming Themes:

January 2018: Wild Card- submit a story, poem, or essay on whatever theme you would like!

(The themes for 2018 are dual topics. Feel free to explore one, or both [i.e. write about just marriage, just divorce, or both] when writing your piece.)

February: Marriage and Divorce

March: Hope and Despair

April: Work and Play

May: Good and Evil

June: Lost and Found

July: Freedom and Oppression

August: Honesty and Deceit

September: Parents and Children

October: Life and Death

November: War and Peace

December: Wealth and Poverty


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